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The Durham Centre for Excellence (D'CENTEX) promotes advancements to the diversified groups of the Newcomers and the Disadvantaged in the Greater Toronto Area and its neighbouring regions.


D’CENTEX believes that we all have ability, and by working together, we can create possibilities when there is none.


D’CENTEX envisions a society that is free of all barriers where everyone has equal access to resources and services, as well as rights and privileges, which every Canadian should enjoy.


D’CENTEX promotes advancements to the Newcomer Immigrants, Refugees, Caregivers, and the Blind and Partially Sighted (BPS) individuals by providing unparalleled settlement services, comprehensive skills development training, and sustainable independent living skills. By maximizing their potential they are then able to succeed in their endeavours and contribute to the country’s civic and socio-economic growth.

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