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What We Do

D’CENTEX provides incomparable programs and services aimed at newcomer immigrants, refugees, temporary foreign workers, and the visually-impaired persons (VIPs) to help them reach their full potential and become empowered. We continue to deliver the best possible service to our clientele towards the development of stronger community. 


  • Settlement Program
    We help newcomers with their basic adjustments to new life in Canada and provide them the tools, resources and support to facilitate their settlement and integration process successfully.  We achieve this by working together with the clients, identifying their needs, and making appropriate service plan based on identified needs and assessment.

  • Blind and Partially Sighted (BPS) Program
    We assist clients who are blind and visually challenged by providing educational, social, and recreational activities. We help them develop their physical, social, emotional and cognitive abilities that will boost their self-confidence.


  • Orientation
    To provide newcomer clients with an overview of Canadian culture and way of life by conducting individual or group sessions in the areas of employment, education, housing, healthcare, immigration, taxation, etc.
  • Information and referral
    To support clients with their settlement process by providing them with accurate, recent and useful information and by linking them to proper service that will respond to their specific needs
  • Skills Development
    To assist clients in developing necessary skills that is essential for work, learning, and daily living
  • Employment Support
    To provide clients opportunities to fully participate in the Canadian workplace by utilizing job search strategies, expanding their network, encouraging volunteerism, and tapping into potential employers, etc.
  • Access and Advocacy
    To take actions to support the clients by utilizing and exhausting all possible resources and services to solve the problem
  • Translation
    To provide written translation of education or employment-related documents from Tagalog to English language

D’CENTEX operates its training centre out of the St. Clair Place Engagement Centre at 1499 Yonge Street. The St. Clair Engagement Centre is a community liaison office for discussing the proposed St. Clair Place Development and is managed by LURA Consulting on behalf of Wittington Properties Limited.